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Is Public Speaking Really Important?

Is Public Speaking Really Important?

Written by Anoushka Lodha

How important is public speaking in real life? Is it a life skill?

Many people ask this same question. The answer is public speaking is EXTREMELY important! There are many ways in which public speaking can serve as a master skill to reach your goals.

Think of normal encounters where you meet someone new, want to make new friends or convince someone for a favor. These are all situations where communication is key. When you are skilled at speaking, you can easily influence others around you. Whether it’s acing your next interview, delivering an important presentation, or closing that business deal that your life depends on- you will need good speaking skills to overcome all these hurdles!

Public speaking can be formal or informal; it does not always have to be used when you have a huge audience. In fact, speaking defines your power to persuade, influence and inspire others. It helps you deliver a message that reflects your opinions. And this is exactly why it is such an amazing life skill to have! Even if you’re not a great speaker, honing your speaking skills can turn your world around.

Do you want to conquer your fear of public speaking? We at Ladybug Speaker LLC are here to guide you! Our CEO, Ramona J. Smith is an international award-winning public speaker who holds the prestigious title of 2018 World Champion of public speaking. She is also an entrepreneur, a keynote speaker and certified life coach. We not only hold public speaking sessions, but can also help with your business development model, help with speeches, and teach you important life skill. So what are you waiting for?

It’s never too late to learn a new skill. I’m sure you’re convinced that speaking up can bring your confidence to the next level. Schedule a free consultation call today and get the training you need set the stage on fire!

Follow us on IG @ramonajsmith1 or send us an email with your public speaking questions to

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